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ITU Radio Regulations – Change After 1 January 2024

Due to climate change and new waterways becoming available, the ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences made extensive changes to appendix 18 of the Radio Regulations to ensure that communication systems are capable of working reliably in those areas.

While these changes do not affect the GMDSS, they do affect the use of other frequencies used for VHF meteorological, navigational and urgent marine information broadcasts, port operations and VTS. According to the Performance standards for shipborne VHF radio installations capable of communication and DSC, VHF radio equipment should comply with the ITU Radio Regulations.

To ensure GMDSS compliance and communication capability, VHF radiocommunication equipment should be updated (new frequency channels and firmware, and/or new equipment) so that following the first radio survey after 1 January 2024, at the earliest, it meets the arrangements which will be in force by then.

Important note: The use and/or allocation of VHF channels may differ due to local Flag State regulation.

Together with manufacturers, we have investigated and compiled an overview of VHF equipment that complies with the new ITU Radio Regulations below. Alternatively, you can complete our 2024 compliance check form here. Older models are not compliant and will need to be replaced with new radios.



  • FM8900 (software update required)



  • Sailor 6000 series (software update required)
  • Sailor 7000 series (compliant)



  • JHS-770S (software update required)
  • JHS-800S (compliant)



  • NVR-3000 (compliant)


For more information on the regulations or to discuss your VHF requirements, please contact us at or +31 10 750 0550